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Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle Long Island NY

"As an entrepreneur at heart, the team at Marciante & LeFavi have helped me bring financial success to all my business ventures.”

 - Dean Mercado Online Marketing Muscle


Rave Review

Raving Fan - Dr. Charles Greco

"The team at Marciante & LeFavi, CPA's, PC have helped pave the way to our recent expansion.  Now I can focus on my business, while they keep me up to speed on my filing requirements."

 - Dr. Charles Greco Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach & Pinewood Commons Veterinary Hospital PC


Rave Review

"James and Lisa are wonderful. They helped us in our biggest time of need, and have continued to keep our minds at ease when it comes to all our accounting and tax matters. They are both professional and personable, a rare combination in accountants!"

- Arthur Giove
Giove Funeral Home, Inc.

WARNING: What You Don't Know Can Put You Out Of Business - Fast!

James Marciante & Lisa LeFavi

From: James Marciante & Lisa LeFavi
Re: Keeping Your Green

From: James Marciante & Lisa LeFavi
Re: Keeping Your Green

Dear Business Owner...

It's insane.

Most businesses work so hard to make money and so little to keep it and make it work for them.  Are you guilty of this?  How do you know?  Unless you plan on neglecting your business to become an expert on the increasingly complicated tax law, you must rely on your accountant to look after you.  The first step to “keeping your green” is to hire a competent accounting firm to do just that.

Whether you like it or not, the federal and state governments are your silent partners, sharing in the prosperity of your business.  Our goal is to make sure your silent partners receive only their fair share and no more.

Anyone can prepare tax returns for you.  But how do you know that the bottom line is the best it can be?  Much to our alarm, we have found that we often need to amend tax returns prepared by previous tax preparers due to missing deductions and credits.  It makes us look like heroes to our new clients, but it really is a matter of knowing the tax law and staying abreast of new tax issues.  What’s the point of Congress passing laws to save you money if your accountant doesn’t know about them?  There are many ways to save money on your taxes, but you need an overall plan.  It’s not about what you make, it’s what you keep.

Peace of Mind

That is really what it is all about, isn’t it?  You need peace of mind that your accounting and tax matters are being handled timely and competently so that you can focus on building your business and servicing your customers.


Peace of mind that when you write out those tax checks you have a tax strategy that uses the tax law to your best advantage.


Peace of mind that your dealings with your silent partners will be as pain-free as possible. Once you sign up with us, you will receive early reminders of what deadlines are coming up and exactly what we need to accomplish. Let us worry about tax compliance; it’s our job.

We all know how difficult it is to find good help these days. Apparently, this can also be true of professionals. Much to our surprise, we have had many new clients come to us with various tales of how they put their trust in someone, only to find out the job simply wasn’t done. Deadlines missed, forms filed incorrectly, astronomical tax penalties. Don’t let this happen to you.

So where do you start?

We are a full-service accounting firm, offering a variety of services for businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organizations.  With that in mind, we never leave you to figure out what you need by yourself.

Our personal approach starts right here, right now with your free, no-obligation initial consultation. Call +1 (631) 580-7800 or +1 (678) 625-7655 to set up your appointment today.

Here's to "Keeping You Green" where it belongs, in your pocket!


Marciante & LeFavi, CPAs P.C.

P.S. ; Lisa LeFavi
Marciante & LeFavi, CPAs P.C.

P.S. Call +1 (631) 580-7800 or +1 (678) 625-7655 now to schedule your FREE initial consultation.  It’s your first step to "Keep Your Green".

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